The Gabi app’s simple & friendly design reduces your stress,

with quick access to the information you want

The most complete & innovative baby health monitor

Based on medical technology

Gabi band relies on oximetry technology, scientifically proven and widely used in the medical world, to enable you to follow your baby’s vital signs in real time. The base station incorporates room temperature and humidity sensors to ensure your infants’ environment is appropriate to their needs.

Brings peace of mind

Gabi’s simple & user friendly design ensures a soothing user experience. Moreover, the Gabi app combines an at a glance view of your child’s current situation. But behind this user friendly exterior you can access a goldmine of historical sensor data allowing you to view your baby’s progress over time.

Rest assured with Gabi alerts

Gabi will alert you of any unusual vital signs from your baby, letting you sleep or get on with things, without unnecessary stress & worry. Since every child is different, Gabi’s artificial intelligence adapts to your baby for even more personalized follow-up. The system works out of the box, but through the Gabi app. you can always manually configure alerts based on your needs.

Always there even when you are not

At Gabi we believe the benefits of wearable technology can have a significant impact on the lives of parents. Whether you are working from home, have a nanny or family looking after your little one or just need to take a short break, Gabi is designed to give you the confidence and reassurance that baby is OK… Of course, while we believe Gabi is a valuable suppliment to physical monitoring and contact, it should never be used to replace it. Face-to-face physical contact is critical to child development and ensuring the health of your child.

Gabi, the most complete smart baby monitor. Just €199
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Why Gabi?

"Gabi will help me taking care of my baby without even disturbing him."
CandiceMother of 1
"Gabi helps make sure my babies are ok when someone else babysits."
LauranneMother of twins
"Gabi's technology will help me being sure to not miss an important symptom."
JulieMother of 3