• Improving children’s life

    The outpatient monitoring solution for children
    that helps you to predict and manage respiratory troubles of your child.

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Improve daily condition
of your child

The medical grade Bracelet Gabi, monitors your child’s vital parameters to alert you in real time, so you won’t miss any symptom anymore.

Reduce overall
treatment costs

The remote access enables doctors to adapt your child’s treatment according to his health status to optimise its efficiency level.

Prevent is better
than cure

Thanks to its predictive algorithm, Gabi identifies the early indicators announcing a respiratory distress event to treat it preventively.

How does it work?

The Bracelet

First, the parameters affected by respiratory diseases are monitored thanks to a small medical grade bracelet, worn by the child.


Then, thanks to the mobile app,
the carers are alerted immediately
if any trouble happens, in order
to enable them to act if necessary.

Medical Web Portal

Also, by giving a remote access of the child’s health data to healthcare professionals enabling them
to take action in no time


But over all, by prediciting the disease thanks to a predictive algorithm that identifies early disease indicator, in order to prevent rather than cure.

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Why Gabi?

"Lila suffers from Asthma. Thanks to the remote access, our paediatrician can adapt Lila's treatment according to her health status for the best efficiency."
CandiceMother of 2
"For me, it has been a real relief to make sure I would be alerted as soon as Eliott is getting through respiratory difficulties, especially at night."
LauranneMother of twins
"Edouard was diagnosed at risk for SIDS. Thanks to Gabi, he can be monitored in a reliable and comfortable way."
JulieMother of 3

Our Team

Gabi Smartcare is a Belgian start-up founded by two entrepreneurs and active in Europe.
At Gabi, we have the ambition to predict upcoming respiratory troubles by offering a real-time follow-up of the children’s health.
Our team is committed to reduce hospitalisation, treatment cost, but overall to improve the day-to-day of children suffering from respiratory tracts.

Jonathan Baut

CEO & Founder

Father of 1

Edouard Carton

COO & Founder

Godfather of 2

Thomas Hayen

Senior Backend Engineer

Father of 2

Olivier Coune

Board member

Father of 3

Julien Penders

Strategy advisor

Father of 3

Olivier Staquet

AI Advisor

Father of 1

Nicolas Delvaux


Father of 1

Noura Soltana

Medical Advisor

Mother of 3

Our mission is to improve the daily conditions of children suffering from respiratory disease. 

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