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and Families

FDA-cleared, home-based monitoring platform designed for children aged 0-12, providing precise, real-time health data to healthcare professionals.

Made to be easily integrated and deployed to expedite pediatric healthcare delivery and clinical development.

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A pediatric disconnect

There is a need to redesign healthcare delivery around what is best for pediatric patients

58% to 82%

of pediatric ER not necessary from the 30M pediatric ER visits in the US


more preventable pediatric hospital admissions than adults ones


of children have at least one chronic condition and it is on the rise

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Setting the standard for
pediatric home care

Gabi SmartCare offers an all-in-one system for home-based pediatric care, tailored to your organization's needs. Our platform simplifies screening, diagnosis, and management of pediatric conditions, supporting healthcare providers in delivering optimal care and providing peace of mind to parents.

The Gabi Band collects and transfers vital parameters to the Monitor, displays real-time data and pushes tailored health assessment questionnaires to caregivers.

The data is sent to the Gabi cloud where it’s converted into actionable insight.

The Gabi Analytics platform provides professionals with a clear overview of the patient’s health, which allows faster care responsiveness.

In turn, healthcare providers can come up with the right course of action without a physical encounter.

Researchers can access real world data without meeting each patient individually.

An all-in-one monitoring platform

Remote Patient Monitoring

FDA-cleared device providing accurate, objective data for evaluating child health from home.

• Programs enabling seamless transition of patient care between different programs
• Support from health specialists and licensed providers, including physicians, APPs, and RNs
• Ready-made or customized care pathways tailored to specific needs
• Meet CPT billing requirements

Service and support

We have the expertise and resources to build and scale successful programs

• Interoperability and EMR integration
• Dedicated support to help you build an RPM division
• Technical support

Data analytics

Advanced statistical technology converts data into actionable events, enabling health professionals to quickly assess a patient’s condition and make faster health decisions.

Digital Health assessment

Care providers and researchers can push health questionnaires directly to the monitoring app, allowing for direct and timely transmission of specific and accurate data from parents to health professionals.


By reducing hospital stays, admissions, and readmissions, Gabi SmartCare saves costs and preserves hospital bed availability. It prevents unnecessary ER visits and bridges the gap between pediatric healthcare needs and current offerings. This enhances patient adherence, satisfaction, and access to homecare, benefiting both patients and healthcare providers.

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Improve access to care

Expand availability of care, adherence to treatment guidelines, and gain deeper insights into child health.

Reduce delay
of care

Enhance care responsiveness, swiftly detect complications and poorly managed conditions to facilitate prompt clinical decision-making.

Increasing revenue

Boost capacity by reducing readmissions and hospital length of stay while introducing new billable remote patient monitoring services.

Reduce operational costs

Patient length of stay and 30-day readmission rate is reduced through better home care and research data collection is streamlined.

1 platform. 360° personalized care


Provide faster diagnostics from the comfort of home

Chronic care

Regain and keep control over chronic diseases

Acute care

Expand hospital capacity to welcome acute patients

Clinical research

Connect site teams with patients while capturing real-world evidence


Provide faster diagnostics from the comfort of home

Clinical research

Connect site teams with patients while capturing real-world evidence

Acute care

Expand hospital capacity to welcome acute patients

Chronic care

Regain and keep control over chronic diseases

Why partner with us?

We provide innovative tools and support to meet the needs of families, healthcare providers, and researchers, ensuring high-quality and responsive pediatric health management.

Parents and patients

We’re transforming pediatric care around what is best for children: preventing unnecessary ER visits, diagnosing conditions earlier, and providing long-term care at home.

Health systems and providers

Designed by pediatricians for pediatricians, Gabi SmartCare gives healthcare providers unique data history to help understand the patient’s condition. The data is accessible in real time, which enables remote consultations.


Remote patient monitoring solution helps researchers collect data that can be used in studies. Collection is remote and seamless, making studies convenient for everyone involved.

The right tool, every step of the way

Pediarity, our comprehensive solution, is FDA cleared

Gabi Band

  • Collects vital parameters
  • Used on 1000+ patients
  • Waterproof (IP-67)
  • Suited for children aged 0-12

Gabi Monitor

  • Collects vita parameters from Gabi Band
  • Transferts them to Gabi Could via Wi-Fi
  • Displays latest recordings
  • Presents data in real-time
  • Pushes tailored health assessment questionnaires to caregivers

Gabi Analytics

  • Patient triage
  • Comprehensive health report per patient
  • Highlights trenbs and event based on physician-set tresholds
  • Detailed view of vital sign traces

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