About us

Gabi SmartCare is a digital health company dedicated to transform pediatric care.

We empower healthcare professionals, researchers, and families with innovative solutions to reduce hospital readmission while supporting better and faster monitoring and diagnosis.

Our story began with a personal experience that highlighted the gaps in pediatric healthcare, especially regarding patient monitoring at home.

We partnered up with top level specialists in child healthcare to develop solutions that ensure that no issue gets overlooked and every patient gets the right care, in a timely manner, without multiple unnecessary trips to the ER.

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Our managing team

Jonathan Baut

CEO & co-founder

Edouard Carton

COO & co-founder

Olivier Staquet


Delphine Hastir

Financial Director

Our advisors

Michel Lussier


Francesca Joseph

Pediatrician, Children's National Hospital

Janene Fuerch

Board member and Professor of Neonatology at Stanford University Medical Center

Animesh Tandon

Pediatrician, Children's National Hospital

Lori Erickson

Director of remote health solutions, Children's Mercy Hospital